Ebem Deborah(PhD)

Senior Lecturer
Department of Computer Science,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


To pursue a career in computer science, computer engineering, telecommunication and ICT related disciplines for the benefit of humanity. My goal in life is to make impact both on the people in my immediate and global community.

Schools Attended with Years of Graduation

2018 PGD Education

National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)

2009 M.Sc. (Computer Engineering)

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

2007 Ph.D. (Computer Science (ICT Impact on Learning))

Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria

1985 (West African Examination Certificate (WAEC))

Fed. Govt. Girl’s College Bakori, Kastina State

2001 M.Sc. (Computer Science & Engineering)

Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT)

1998 PGD Management

University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus

1991 B. Engr. (Second Class Upper 21)

Anambra State University of Technology (ASUTECH).

1980 (First School Leaving Certificate)

Afam-Maku Primary School

Research Interests

My researches are in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, ICT development, deployment and application, Perceptual Measurement of Speech Quality and Speech Intelligibility, development of Igbo Hearing in Noise Test(IHINT), Parallel Computing and Parallel Algorithm, Mobil Outdoor games, Network Architecture and Services, data communication networks, cybercrime, grid computing and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Current Research

Effect of Interruption Rate (Masking Release)

In this experiment, we are exploring the effect of interruption rate on speech intelligibility.  Specifically, we are using the Hearing in Noise Test (HINT) procedure with either the original HINT stimuli (English) or our own stimuli (Igbo).  For a given noise level, the HINT test provides an estimate of the signal level required for 50%-correct speech intelligibility.  This signal level (for 50%-correct intelligibility) changes depending upon the interruption rate of the noise.  This phenomenon (called Masking Release) has been studied extensively in English.  This experiment will explore and compare the phenomenon of Masking Release for (i) native English speakers listening to English, (ii) native Igbo speakers listening to English, and (iii) native Igbo speakers listening to Igbo.  Since Igbo is a tonal language and English is a non-tonal language, this will allow us to compare Masking Release patterns on native speakers of tonal and non-tonal languages.

Public Lectures/Seminar





21st Century Survival Kit

Air Force Comprehensive School Agbani Enugu


MIT Open Course Ware(OCW),

As a model for use in Academia

Federal School of Dental Technology, Trans Ekulu Enugu


MIT Open Course Ware(OCW),

As a model for use in Academia

Godfrey Okoye University Emene Enugu


MIT Open Course Ware(OCW), as a model for use in Academia

University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.


X-Raying the New Computer Science Curriculum for Secondary Schools in Nigeria – Balancing Contents,
Teaching & Practices

University of Ibadan, Oyo State.


Job Prospects for Nigerians in Diaspora.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Enhancing Industrial, Academia and Government Collaboration in Nigeria

University of Nigeria, Nsukka


Reasons why Africa is not Developing.

Technical University, Delft, The Netherlands

International Research Centres Affiliations

    1. 2008 till Date The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

TNO, NL -2600 GB Delft, The Netherlands

    2. Network Architecture and Services Group

Telecommunication Department

Technical University Delft, The Netherlands.

    3. Nov 2011: The Sensory Communications Group

Of the Research Laboratory of Electronics,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

Cambridge USA

Consultancy Outfit

Principal Consultant

Amaka Services Nigeria

10 Ikpeze Close,

Trans Ekulu Enugu

Enugu State Nigeria

Executed Consultancies and Training for the following co-operate bodies

2003 till date

Emenite Ltd Emene Enugu (In house computer training for the staff)

1994- 2002

Enugu State Agricultural Development (ENDAPEP)

1993- 2001

Golden Investment Nigeria Ltd, 119 Agbani Rd

1991- 1995

Paks Micro –International Ltd , 67 Ogui Rd, Enugu , Nigeria.

National Assignment


LTA for Enugu South Local Government for the National ID card project. Worked for Sagem the French company that handled the project.

April 1992-April 1993

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Enjema Community Grammar School Enjema Koji State Nigeria.

Awards and Distinctions

28th September, 2016

iSTEAMS Research Nexus: Distinguished Personality Award of Excellence for contributions to international research initiatives. University of Ilorin, Ilorin Nigeria.

7th June, 2014

Corporate & Media Africa Communications LTD distinguished Leadership in National Development GOLD AWARD (D’LINGA). In recognition for my contribution to the development of Computer Science & Higher Education in Nigeria.

31st May,2014

iSTEAMS Research Nexus: for my support and contributions to the development and practices of multidisciplinary Research through the iSTEAMS Research Nexus Conferences

April 2012

Google Co-Awarded the Google Computer Science for High Schools Grant with Dr Longe Olumide for training computer science teachers at secondary school level in Nigeria

Nov 2010

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology International Science and Technology Initiative for Empowering the Teachers Fellowship(MISTI),

May 2007

The faculty of EEMCS of the Technical University Delft scholarship for an MSc program for 2007 to 2009 session

June 1998

Graduate Assistant at Department of Computer Science, Enugu State University of Science and Technology.

March 1983

Federal Government of Nigeria scholarship for outstanding academic performance.

Associate and Affiliate Teaching /Research Commitments

1/10/2019-Till Date


Veritas University Abuja

1/9/2018- Till Date

External Examiner

Caritas University Enugu

1/5/2017- Till Date

Deputy Director


22/7/2015- Till Date




Assistant Co-ordinator

UNN SAP Certification

October2014-May 2015

Online Facilitator

UNN Distance Learning Programme

May 2014-Date

External Examiner

Department of Computer Education Enugu State College of Education Technical Enugu


Adjunct Associate Professor

Renaissance University, Enugu


Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki

October 2012-Date

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Department of Computer Science  Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu

Nov.2012-30th Oct.2014

PG Coordinator

Department of Computer Science, UNN

Nov.2012-30thOct. 2014

Faculty PG Representative

Department of Computer Science, UNN

Nov.2012-30thOct. 2014

Departmental Seminar Coordinator

Department of Computer Science, UNN

Professional Affiliations

Member Nigeria Computer Society (Membership Number:08849)

Member IEEE.org (Membership Number:90414692)

Member IEEEorg signal Processing

Member IEEE.org Computer Society

Summary of Achievements

16th-18th May,2017

Visiting Scientist Franhour Institute of Integrated Circuits(FII) Erlangen Germany (The home and lab of MP3)

19th -23th May,2017

Panelist at the 142 Audio Engineering Convention 2017 at Berlin Germany

10th-18th December,2016

SAP ERP certified

10th July,2015

Guest Speaker “21st Century Survival Kit”,9th Graduation Ceremony and 12th Speech & Prize Giving Day at Air Force Comprehensive School Agbani Enugu.

March 12th,2015

Keynote Address” Beyond Facebook - Leveraging on Social Media for Productive Collaborations Between Practitioners and the Academia in Nigeria.” at iSTEAMS

September 30th,2014

Keynote Address: “Local Content Development in Nigeria-A Female Scholar’s Perspective” at iSTEAMS conference at Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State Nigeria.

May 29th ,2014

Keynote Address: “Local Content Development in Nigeria-A Female Scholar’s Perspective” at iSTEAMS conference at Afe Babalola University Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State Nigeria.

March 12th,2014

Guest lecturer Federal School of Dental Technology Enugu, Nigeria. “MIT Open Course Ware(OCW), as a model for use in Academia.”

May 27th,2013

Guest lecturer Godfrey Okoye University Emene Enugu, Nigeria. “MIT Open Course Ware(OCW), as a model for use in Academia.”

March 20th, 2013

Guest lecturer University of Uyo, Nigeria. “MIT Open Course Ware(OCW), as a model for use in Academia.”

November 2010

I was selected by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as Research Fellow and Scholar for The Empowering the Teacher Programme (http://www.mit.edu/empowering)

May 2007

I was selected by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Technical University Delft, The Netherlands for the award of African Scholarship for 2007 to 2009 Academic year.

August 2008

Designed and developed a mobile outdoor interactive game for primary school pupils in the Netherlands that have been commercialized.

September 2008 - June 2009

Validated Perceptual Objective Quality Assessment (POLQA) which is June 2009 standardized by International Telecommunication Union(ITU) on the African tonal language IGBO.POLQA is a universal wideband/super wide band (50-14000 Hz) speech quality measure. From the results we have published two papers in international journals. Ebem et al “The Impact of Tone Language and Non-Native Language Listening on Measuring Speech Quality” J.Audio Eng.Soc.,Vol.59, No.9,2011 September. Ebem et al “Validating Perceptual Objective Listening Quality on the tonal Language Igbo”, African Journal of Computing and ICT.www.ajocict.net

September 2008

Constructed and recorded four hundred (400) Igbo speech database with two male and two female speakers at the acoustic laboratory of Technical University Delft, The Netherlands.

Taught Courses Competency

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Operating System
  • Enterprise Information Systems
  • Data Sciences
  • System Simulation and Modeling
  • Management Information System
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Operations Research
  • Software Engineering
  • Database Design and Management
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Computer Hardware Maintenance
  • Expert System
  • Discreet Structures and Discreet Algorithm
  • Data Structures
  • Parallel Computing and Parallel Algorithm
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, Python, Java, Pascal, BASIC, HTML
  • Computer Applications
  • Organization of Programming Languages
  • Software Design and Management
  • Data Structures and Data Management
  • File Processing
  • Data Communication Networks
  • Structured Programming

Presentations and Exhibitions

Nov 19-22, 2012               

National Education Exhibition     Old Parade Ground Abuja, Nigeria

a.) Ebem,D.U.et al “Development of Igbo Hearing in Noise Test (IHINT)” pg 12,entry 12

b.) Ebem,D.U “Multimedia Based Pedagogy on Mathematics in Senior Secondary Schools –The case of Enugu State ”.pg 54, Entry 47.

Nov 22-26, 2010               

Nigerian Universities Research &Development Fair (NURESDEF

University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

a.) Deborah U.Ebem, John G. Beerends, Christian Schmidmer, Jeroen van Vugt and Rober  E. Kooij & Joy O.Uguru “The Impact of Tonal Language on Measuring Speech Quality” pg 46, Entry 86.

Skills and Qualifications

I have good presentation skills and an excellent research skill. I have six degrees and the wealth of knowledge I have acquired over the years has helped in moving my career forward.

Working Experience

October 2012 till date

Senior Lecturer Department of Computer Science University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

May 2017 –May 2018

Secondment to SAP Education Programme UNN as a deputy director

November 2014 till Date

Secondment to Distance Learning Programme of UNN as an instructor to the online lecturers.

September 2011-till date

Research Fellow and Scholar, MIT, Science and Technology Initiative(MISTI), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

September 2008 – June 2009

MSc graduation thesis at TNO-ICT. Validated Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ – ITU-T Recommendation P.862.2) and Perceptual Speech Quality Measurement 2010 (PSQM 2010) on the tonal language Igbo.

July 2008 – September 2008

Internship at TNO-ICT. Designed and developed an interactive mobile out door game for primary school pupils in the Netherlands. The said game has been commercialized.

July 2004-March 2006

Lecturer II Department of Computer Science Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki.

August 2001-June 2004

Part-Time Lecturer Federal University of Technology Owerri

May 1998 – July 2001

Graduate Assistant at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering Enugu State University of Science and Technology

April 1993-April 1998

Lecturer III at the Department of Computer Science I.M.T. Enugu

April 1992 – April 1993

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) at Enjema Community School Enjema Kogi State.

Total number of Master Students supervised: 8; 15 in the pipeline (7 waiting for final presentation).


Publications and Creative Works

A             Journal Articles

  1. Chinyere I. Akobundu and U.Ebem (2019).”Automated Contractor Pre-requisition System in Nigeria”, East African Scholars Journal of Engineering and Computer Science,vol2..issue 11.
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B             Referred Conference Proceedings

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Unpublished Works

September, 2008.

Ebem, D.U. “Mobile Interactive Outdoor Game for Primary School Pupils in the Netherlands”.

June, 2001

Ebem,D.U. M.Sc. “Industrial Information System for Nigeria (INFORWEB)”

April 1998

Ebem D.U. “Career Choice Patterns for School Leavers”, A case study of The School of Business Studies Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Unwana.

August 1991

Umegbo, D.U. Computer Aided Savings Account System,

August 1989.

Umegbo,D.U ,An Industrial Training report submitted to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (ASUTECH),


  • PGC 601 and PGC 701 workshop for Post Graduate Students of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 18-19th October, 2018.(Resource Person). ICT/Data Analysis
  • SPSS version 23, 12 -16th June, 2017 by Digital Bridge Institute.
  • SAP ERP Train the Trainer workshop 11-15th December, 2016 at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi Ghana. At the end of the training, we took an exam and I was successful. I am SAP ERP certified and my university is now a member of University Alliance (UA).
  • Nigerian Network Operators Group (NgNOG) 2016 Workshops 30th October, 4th November 2016 at Hotel Reno Plot 1068 Katampe Main District by Gishiri Junction Abuja, FCT.
  • Computer Science/ Information Technology Research and Development powered by Nigeria Computer Society(NCS) 11-13th October,2016 at University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
  • Nigerian Network Operators Group (NgNOG) 2015 Workshops 30th October, 4th November 2015 at University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Enugu State Nigeria.



1. Prof F.C.Eze

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Phone: 08033233367


2. Prof H.C.Inyiama,

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3. Prof O.B.Longe

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