SUMMARY OF THE LONGRICH BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY*!!💰🍃   *Who is Longrich ?* 🌺It is a multi-million dollar manufacturing company originating from Asia. China to be precise.   🌺It is over 35 years in business and 9years in Nigeria.  *Do we have products in Longrich?*  🌺Yes we have almost 2000 products 🌺we have supplements,skin care ,toiletries ,weight loss products, skin care, electronic etc.  *How do I join the business?*  🌺sign the application form 🌺buy a one-off stock of  N14,000  N45,,000  N85,000  N150000  N500,000   N1,000,000.   *what do I get for introducing a new member?*  🌺you get pvs which are point value that you accumulate and move ranks within the business  You also get weekly alerts  *Do I have to sell to get paid?*  🌺No, Longrich is not a buy and sell platform. Get those things you will be needing at home.  *What do I do after buying my stock?*  🌺Recruit 3 members and teach them to do the same.  *What if I recruit more than 3 members?*  🌺you will register only 3 people under you and remaining people you decide where to place them under your downliners/legs. So that you help your people to earn because when they earn you also earn (There is no selfishness in Longrich)  🌺you also get pvs when your downliners joins under you. What they get you also get it.  *When do I get paid?*  🌺You will get paid every thursday or Friday.  *What do I get except weekly bonus?*  🌺you will get points(PV) and weekly alert  🌺You will qualify incentives through the points you have.  🌺You will not forfeit your points.  *Do we have incentives?*  🌺Yes  ✈️✈️International  🌺4 free International trips per year.  🚙🚙Car incentive 🌺paid directly in to your account.  🌺minimum car #5m #7m🚗 and maximum #50m.  🏘housing incentive  🌺worth #25 million  🍸🕺🏻Lets make money

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